Modified module from Rackspace original. Generates uuids in pure Lua.


Please read documentation carefully regarding random seeds or unique strings to be provided to get a decent randomized uuid value.


Source code is on github

License & copyright

Rackspace (original) and Thijs Schreijer (modifications), Apache 2.0, see uuid.lua


Use LuaRocks. For an installation from local source, do sudo luarocks make from the main directory. To fetch and install from a LuaRocks server without manual unpacking do sudo luarocks install uuid.

NOTE: on windows, skip the sudo in the commands above.


Tests are available and can be executed using busted


0.2 09-May-2013

  • Bugfix; 0-hex was displayed as "" instead of "00", making some uuids too short
  • Bugfix; math.randomseed() overflow caused bad seeding

0.1 28-Apr-2013

  • initial version
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