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Efficient timer for timeout related timers: fast insertion, deletion, and execution (all as O(1) implemented), but with lesser precision.

This module will not provide the timer/runloop itself. Use your own runloop and call wheel:step to check and execute timers.


Install through LuaRocks (luarocks install timerwheel) or from source, see the github repo.


The docs are available online, or can be generated using Ldoc. Just run "ldoc ." from the repo.


Tests are in the spec folder and can be executed using the busted test framework. Just run "busted" from the repo.

Besides that luacheck is configured for linting, just run "luacheck ." from the repo. And if LuaCov is installed, the Busted test-run will result in a coverage report (file "luacov.report.out").

Copyright and License



Versioning is strictly based on Semantic Versioning.

Releasing new versions

  • create a release branch
  • update the changelog below
  • update copyright-years in ./LICENSE
  • create a new rockspec and update the version inside the new rockspec:
    cp timerwheel-scm-1.rockspec ./rockspecs/timerwheel-X.Y.Z-1.rockspec
  • render the docs: run ldoc .
  • commit the changes as release X.Y.Z
  • push the commit, and create a release PR
  • after merging tag the release commit with X.Y.Z
  • upload to LuaRocks:
    luarocks upload ./rockspecs/timerwheel-X.Y.Z-1.rockspec --api-key=ABCDEFGH
  • test the newly created rock:
    luarocks install timerwheel

1.0.2 released 03-Nov-2022

  • Fix: memory leak, occasionally ID's were not removed. Causing a memory leak in long running processes

1.0.1 released 04-Oct-2022

  • Fix: if a slot was modified (by cancelling) a hole might appear in the table causing an xpcall with nil instead of the callback function

1.0.0 released 22-Aug-2022

  • Bump to 1.0 since API is stable
  • Fix: added a newline when writing errors to stderr, since io.stderr:write() does not automatically do this like print() does.

0.2.0 released 11-Feb-2020

  • Added count method to retrieve the current number of active timers

0.1.0 released 01-Feb-2020

  • Initial released version
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